I welcome veterinary related questions that you may have!


5 Responses to “Ask The Vet”

  1. Helen Says:

    Is it possible for a cat to become pregnant by more than one cat at the same time. My 2 cats are from the same litter and do not look anything alike.

  2. mobilepetvet Says:

    Yes, It is possible for a female to be impregnated by multiple males. Cats are induced ovulators which means that they ovulate whenever they are with a male. It is definitely possible for your cats to be from different fathers, however, it is also possible that your cats are just expressing different genes from the same parents.

  3. Isabella Says:

    My 3 year old cat will occaisionally switch moods, rather quickly, from playful to attack mode. She will bite me and gets a strange look in her eye. The only way to break this is to put her in a room by herself. It is almost like she is “hunting” me.

    1. mobilepetvet Says:

      Cats hunt their prey and indoor cats often mimick this behavior with their human housemates. By closing her in a room, you are stopping the game. If you don’t want her to do this, puting her in another room is a good option. Using a can with pennies in it and shaking it when she tries to attack you will also have the same affect.

  4. Isabella Says:

    Wow. Thanks for your response. I think I will try the can with pennies in it.

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