Toby, a beagle from Annapolis, had a second back surgery for a ruptured disc in his back a few months ago.  He was given a poor prognosis from the surgeon because a large clot was found in the area of the disc and because of  the location of the disc rupture.  For the past few months, Toby has been having rehabilitation therapy at Paradise Animal Hospital in Catonsville which has included swim therapy and exercises to help strengthen and loosen his muscles.  He has also had acupuncture to help stimulate the nerves in his hind legs and bladder and to help with the pain immediately following surgery.

Toby can be seen in the video having swim therapy and using a special cart made for paralyzed pets.  He is a happy dog and has defied the odds through hard work and with the help of adjunctive therapies.

We at Mobile Pet Vet are thrilled to see Toby gain international stardom!