IMG_0599According to the CDC, cases of feline rabies were up 12 percent in 2008!  This disease is fatal and preventable through vaccination.  Unfortunately,  over 1/3 of cat owners did not take their pets to a veterinarian in 2006, according to the AVMA statistics (American Veterinary Medical Association).  While I understand that most of our feline friends dislike car rides, find the veterinary office offensive and scary(they allow dogs there), and prefer to remain in the comfort of their own home… there is an option.  Most areas of the country have veterinarians who make house calls.  This is a growing population of veterinarians that want to be able to offer health care to their patients in a less stressful environment.  If more cats were vaccinated against rabies (especially the cats that go outside), this disease would no longer be on the rise!

If you are looking to have a house call veterinary visit but don’t know how to find a veterinarian in your area, you can search the web or even ask your current veterinarian for a recommendation.  It is possible that your veterinarian makes house calls or it is likely that they know someone in your area who does.

By practicing some preventative medicine, our feline family will be protected against this nasty disease!